Motherhood is a Good Look

Yesterday was Mother’s Day – a day I truly love.  Years ago as I was battling infertility, motherhood seemed like a distant dream.  There were days where I thought I would never hear the patter of little feet or have someone call me “mommy.”

Now years later, I’m often wishing those little feet would just take a break.  And every five seconds I hear “MOMMY!!!” being screamed throughout my little house.  Even though my 5-year old sweetie pie drives me crazy, without a doubt motherhood has been one of God’s biggest gifts.  And I’m grateful.

I think I’m most grateful because motherhood has caused me to grow in ways that I could have never imagined.  I never thought that I’d be a teacher, comforter, storyteller, nutrionist, activity planner, disciplinarian, chauffer and hairstylist all in one day.  At the end of each and every day, I am totally exhausted.  The good kind of exhausted where I know that I’ve poured every fiber of my being into a little life.  The kind of exhausted where I can’t remember what in the world I did, but I know that it made a difference.

And I only have one child (she has the energy of an army, but she is only one child).  So my hat is off to you mommies with several children.  Just remember that despite how much work it is, motherhood is a good look on you and you’re making a difference.

Rock on, pretty mommy!


We All Need Sisters

It’s now 3 weeks after my open heart surgery and I’m feeling stronger than ever.  I have God to thank, and the motivation of my two extremely fabulous sisters.  These chicks didn’t just motivate me – they kicked my butt in gear as only a sister can!

Nicki, my youngest sister, came to Nassau despite her busy work schedule and stayed with me for a week and half.  Not only did she cook great meals for my family and take care of my (often unruly) child, but she motivated me (actually she forced me) to take a brisk walk every day.  I absolutely hated every moment of these walks.  Walking after a major surgery takes a lot of effort. But despite my protests and attempts at procrastination, she was there every day badgering me like a pitbull until I would get my butt in gear.  And for this I thank her.  It’s because of her constant hounding, that I’m almost back up to my normal walking speed now.

My other sister, Felencia, came for four days.  It was four days of sheer laughter and joy.  Every day she’d say something like “To have just had surgery, you look great!” and “You’re doing great!”  She affirmed me so much, that I started to believe her words.  I think her words somehow made me stronger.

Most importantly, they both made me laugh until I thought I’d split my poor little chest stitches.  I can’t tell you how many painkillers I popped just because of too much laughter.  But I’m convince that laughter is essential for healing.

I’m so thankful for sisters who lift me up when I’m down, and give me the nudge I need to keep going.  Do you have women in your life that keep you encouraged?  If not, find some quickly.  We all need “sisters” to make it through this unpredictable life.