Queen of the Monkey Bars

I’ve always gathered my strength and inspiration from other women.  Seeing how a strong women deals with life challenges always give me hope.  But the woman that I admire most is not even a woman — she’s my crazy, uncontrollable 5 year old.

I’ve learned some important life lessons from Maya including these:

  1. Shake it off and keep going — I’ve seen this kid fall off slides, scrape her knees and fall on her head more times than I can count.  She always cries for a good 5 minutes and then sucks it up and gets back to the business at hand (playing like there is no tomorrow) like nothing ever happened.
  2. Speak loudly until you get what you want— My daughter is NEVER quiet.  She’s always the smallest person around with the biggest voice.  But I’ve noticed that this little person always gets what she wants by the sheer volume of her voice and her annoying persistence.
  3. Exude confidence – Maya has unshakeable self-confidence.  Every week when I ask her if she thinks she did well on her spelling test, I get the same response.  “Mommy, I don’t think I did well, I KNOW I got all the words right!”  Well, okay then!
  4. Go hard and give it all you’ve got — At the end of each crazy, hundred mile an hour day, Maya is wiped out.  When she sleeps there is no waking her.  She’s exhausted because everyday she gives 100% of herself and holds nothing back.
  5. Own your gifts and show them off — Recently I overheard Maya tell a kid at the playground “Watch, me.  I’m Queen of the Monkey Bars!”  He watched and admired while she swung from bar to bar with the confidence of a pro.

I want to be like this kid when I grow up!  I wonder what the world would be like if more women had the divatude of 5 year olds.

What inspiration have you gained from your children?