Why I Love Nassau at This Time of Year

In Nassau, Christmas ornaments laugh at Thanksgiving.

The air is crisp but still balmy.  The palm trees dance in the wind.  Without a care or thought about Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations start to go up on streets and roundabouts.  It all makes me smile.  I love Nassau at this time of year.Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely put the words “love” and “Nassau” together.  It’s not a reflection of Nassau at all.  It’s a reflection of me.  I am so not an island girl.  I’m all about conveniences, getting things done efficiently, justice and walking fast – so not Nassau.  I admit that my American mindset often hinders me from seeing the beauty of this little island.  But when the weather starts to cool off in November and my calendar gets booked up from holiday parties, I absolutely love Nassau.

I think what I really love about Nassau during November and December is that people start to get kinder and merrier.  It’s like the philanthropic heart of this community comes alive.  Organizations start to do food drives for those in need.  Friends get together and volunteer at local soup kitchens.  And everyone opens their doors to make sure that you have a place to eat, drink and be merry from now until New Years.

The holidays bring out the best of people in Nassau.  The cool breezes seem to sweep love and laughter into the island.  And for a few brief months as I smile at the kindness on the island, Nassau feels like home.

Besides sharing my on-again-off-again love for Nassau, I wanted to share some links to my latest online stories:

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Thanks for reading!


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