Nuggets of Gold

This pen and pad have become my constant companions.  And I do mean constant.  I carry them everywhere — in my car, at my dinner table, next to my bed.  And those very rare times when this pad of paper is not with me are the exact moments when I come up with a new idea or a new angle to write from.  Since I’m a freelance writer, these new ideas are like nuggets of gold falling from the sky.

I love my pen and pad because to me they symbolize new ideas –a constant flow of new ideas that sometimes come so quickly that I can barely capture them.  I love my pen and pad because it wasn’t always this way.  A few years ago my mind was as dry as the desert when it came to new ideas.  I longed for fresh business ideas but all I could see was dust and tumble weeds.

Then suddenly I’d get an idea and I’d write it down.  And then I’d contemplate it, looking at it from all angles.  And I’d contemplate some more until I’d overanalyzed it and planned it to death.  But never, ever would I act on it.  And then it would be another three months before I‘d get a good idea again.  Back to tumbleweeds and dust.

I’d think to myself, “Why do some people always get these amazing ideas that result in successful businesses?”  I’d wonder if it was because of their great networking skills.  Maybe their ideas were generated from interacting with other people.  Or maybe it was from their specialized training.  After all, I didn’t go to business school and sure didn’t have the patience for a master’s degree.  Then one day I realized why my new ideas were rare and far between.

Ideas come from action.  My inactivity was sucking my creativity dry.  I believe that great ideas come from God.  So why would He keep downloading into someone who never made His ideas come to life?

So I got busy.  Every time an idea popped into my head, I’d write it down and (gasp!) act on it.  Even if it wasn’t perfect, I’d get moving.  I could work out the details as I went along.  And amazingly, as soon as I got moving, another idea would come along.  So I’d get moving again.  Soon the ideas were flowing as if the faucet had been turned all the way on.

Now that I’ve discovered the secret, I’m never at a loss for writing angles or business ideas.  I just keep moving and catching those nuggets of gold falling from the sky.

Do you ever have a problem generating ideas?  What’s your secret to keeping the golden nuggets coming?


2 thoughts on “Nuggets of Gold

  1. This post was so on point for me! I have been doing the pen and paper thing for awhile but I have neglected to “act” on most ideas. This was right on time ~ just the motivation and reminder I needed. Thanks!

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