Making It Happen

Every since I’ve been a mom, I’ve had two burning desires – to have my own business and to live a balanced life.  In my ideal world, I’d be able to use my skills to make a living on my own terms while balancing motherhood and family.  And every since I’ve been a mother, these two goals have seemed more elusive than world peace.The main reason that these goals were so elusive is simple.  I NEVER truly spent any time making them a reality.  Sure I’d talk about them and I’d fantasize.  I’d even toy with crafting a business plan or two.  But I really focused ALL of my energy on the 9-5 grind (which of course, was always much, much longer than 9-5).  I was a good employee, because I would give my body, mind and soul to my work.  But I was always a frustrated employee.  Frustrated because I was achieving someone else’s goals and not my own.  Frustrated because work always seemed to take precedent over my family and my sanity.  Frustrated because at the end of each long work day I had no energy left to make my dreams come true.But then life changed in April when I chose to leave my job to take care of my health and make my family a priority.  Although I knew that I made the best choice, it was a scary time for me.  Obviously it was scary dealing with a major health issue, but it was also scary to be facing unemployment.  Because no matter how frustrated I had been on the various jobs that I had, I’d always had a nice strong safety net underneath me.  And honestly, the safety net wasn’t just about money.  While I loved having my very own steady paycheck, the reality was that my husband could easily support our family.  The safety net was in knowing that my efforts resulted in something worthwhile and productive – something of value to the world.  Now for the first time I was without a safety net – just dangling over an idle sea of ”what ifs” and “hope you make its”.But I’m pleased to say that I didn’t dangle long.  Having surgery showed me how fragile life really is.  Tomorrow isn’t promised, and I want to live a life with no regrets.  After I recovered from surgery, I actually started hunting for freelance writing, editing and communications opportunities.  I ordered business cards.  I told my friends about my new business.  I outlined my target audience and started a business plan.  I even went online and inquired about opportunities with online magazines that I follow.  I actually put the time and energy into making my business a reality!

And shockingly, people responded!  Friends gave me writing leads, and I received responses back from my online inquiries.  AND I nabbed my first freelance writing opportunity!  Now that I’ve stopped fantasizing and spending my time building up someone else’s business, I’m actually on my way to having a successful business of my own!  I’m actually making it happen and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.

So what’s standing in your way?  What’s keeping you from making your dreams happen?  Are you frustrated enough to make a change?


4 thoughts on “Making It Happen

  1. Well I knew this was coming because anyone who speaks with you for 2 minutes know what you’re all about! You are all heart and soul and i know you would be a success in anything you put your mind to……You are truly an inspiration to us all!

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