Woman On The Move: Darcy Moss

This month’s “Woman On The Move” is someone that I truly admire.  Many of us make a difference in the business world or support the community, but Darcy Moss is making a big impact in both arenas.  Read on to learn more about this inspiring woman in her own words.

What makes you a “Woman On The Move”?  As a Marketing Manager living in the United States, I decided to quit my job and start designing jewelry, which I currently still do. Jewelry items can be found in a few stores locally here in Nassau, Bahamas or on our Darcy Antonia Jewelry & Accessories Facebook page.  In 2009, I began mentoring primary school children through a local church and saw that many of the kids were having a hard time keeping up academically in school.  From this the KPACE Afterschool Program was birthed!   We began our service to the children on March 15, 2010 and to date offer a full slate of programs, activities and projects.

In my opinion, I’m a woman on the move because I’m in constant motion.  Whether it is communicating with my clients, organizing events, fulfilling orders, planning activities, scheduling meetings, doing training or volunteering in varies areas — I’m always on the go.

What is your biggest challenge?  My biggest challenge is saying “no” and because I struggle in this area I also struggle with time management.  I thrive under pressure, but living on an island where everything is “laid back” doesn’t really help my time management challenges either!

How do you find balance?  Balance?  What is that?  Okay so I’m still trying to understand what that word truly means.   When I’m in full swing of a project, I have tunnel vision.  My focus is on the project…I eat little, sleep little and I make a mental note that when the project is done I’ll relax.  Unfortunately, after that there’s usually something else to work towards!

How do you get inspired?  In jewelry design I’m inspired by nature in all its glory and color.  I’m a color hog and love to mix colors to create new colors.  The little faces that light up with expectation when the volunteers and I arrive daily at the KPACE program inspire me.  It motivates me to keep going even on the worst days when fatigue sets in.

To support Darcy Moss with her efforts at KPACE Afterschool Program or to buy fabulous Darcy Antonia Jewelry visit their Facebook  pages.

If you know an inspiring “Woman On The Move,” email me at ydarville@yahoo.com.


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