Quietly Remarkable

I have been blessed to know many fabulous women.  I know divas, fashion plates, and movers and shakers.  But the women I admire most are those quietly remarkable forces of nature.  You know – the ones that don’t make a big fuss but manage to do amazing things while making it look effortless.  These women seem to be driven by some invisible force to make a difference in their little piece of the world.   These aren’t your flash in the pan, one-hit-wonder type of chicks.  No—these are remarkable women who consistently show class, grace and strength even under tremendous adversity.  Whenever I feel overwhelmed or wonder if I can make a difference, I look at their lives.  I look at them and know that by persevering I can be like them.

Over the years I’ve studied these ladies (mainly because I desperately want to be one!) as I’ve tried to learn the secret to their success.  Here are a few things that I’ve learned:

  1. These ladies are consistent.  Every day they get up focused on their end result.
  2. They’re not easily shaken.  These ladies seem to understand that even though bad things happen, there will be a brighter day and the sun will come out.
  3. They’re giving.  Ever notice how selfish women usually find themselves lacking in all areas (time, money, resources, and friends)?
  4. They’re transparent.  They don’t mind you taking a peek into their lives, even at the not so glamorous parts.  After all, they know that keeping it real can strengthen someone else who is going through.
  5. They are genuine.  They genuinely care.  They genuinely love.  They genuinely make a difference.

I do want to be one of these women.  And I want my daughter to be one too.  So every day I’m working on it.  And I’ll continue working until I achieve my goal.

What characteristics in other women do you admire and aspire to?


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