How it all started

Bahama Mommy, Inc.It started as just a fantasy.  A dream about giving up the long hours, and the career stress to just do what I loved.  But what I loved didn’t seem to compare to the prestige of a career.  What I loved was just ordinary – spending time with family, motherhood, volunteering and connecting with other women.  Those were things that you do to unwind, not what you do instead of pursuing a challenging full-time career.  I mean, I went to college and got all that education to do something more complex, right?

But then the dream blossomed into a spark of reality when the world’s best husband encouraged me to just be happy and do what I love.  Even if what I loved had no paycheck attached to it.  Then I became obsessed.  What would life be like if I was brave enough to spend as much energy on my little family as I did pursuing my career?  What if I spent time to truly enjoy every phase of my daughter’s life knowing that I would never get these moments back instead of struggling to fit motherhood in between work meetings and strategy sessions?  What if I dared to support my husband the way he needs to be supported instead of running the rat race?  What if I was just brave enough to believe that our little family of three would be fine on one income?

And now I’m pursuing the dream, and smiling wondering where it will take me. . .


4 thoughts on “How it all started

  1. Good for you Yolanda! As a mother of a 27 and 25 year olds I can vouch for what a short time in the lives of our young children we do have. How wonderful that you can take advantage of being with your beautiful daughter when she needs you most.

  2. Yolanda, what a beautiful validation for stay at home mothers and homemakers. In todays society there is little acknowledgement to the importance of such a job. I have been a homemaker and stay at home mom for 27 years. My children, Jonathan 27, Joshua 25, Jessica 23, and Jenn 21 are all wonderful, productive, well educated adults. It was a lot of work to get them where they are today and I am blessed to have been able to be home for them. Every phase of growing up offers its new challenges, being able to focus on the family without the distraction of a career has many benefits. We cannot let the art of mothering and homemaking slip away with passing time. Thank you for sharing and having the courage to make the decision to ENJOY your life as a Mom, wife, and friend.

    • Thanks so much for reading, Cheryl. It sounds like you have done an amazing job with your children. We are all “working moms” whether we get paid for our work or not 🙂

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